Our new home for 2019 is…

Our time at the Centenary Site has ended. We drove out with heavy hearts. The site, the area, all will forever have a place in our hearts. It’s strange, leaving. Almost like moving out of your first home. You know every nook and cranny and can find your way around in the dark. The familiarity, the sights, the smells…

Anyway it’s done, it’s in the past. Time to move on. Earlier in the year we filled in our selection forms for our second season, had our final meeting with our regional manager. There isn’t a box that you can tick to ask for a specific site, you pick a region. There is, however, a comments box at the bottom where you can hint at sites that you might like them to consider you for. Send button hit. Then, the waiting game. Waiting for the email that tells you where you’re new home is going to be.

Ping, one day in July after a particularly hard day on site, early finish ahead of our day off and The Boss is soaking his aching bones in the bath as I burst in and announce that selection is through. Excitedly, sat on the loo seat, I’m pressing buttons on the iPad. Alphabetically, all the sites are listed, time to scroll through scouring for our names whilst also absorbing where all our newly made warden friends are going. There it is. We got what we wanted. We got the site that we had dreamt about since before we got the job.


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19 thoughts on “Our new home for 2019 is…

  1. So pleased for you both…we will definitely come for a visit as Longleat has been on our bucket list for ages

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  2. Now, no complaining that the Lions have woken you up roaring. Or Lord Bath’s extreme parties have spilled over into the park! Congratulations, a lovely place to be!

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  3. Hi Debbs, from a fellow happy Persuit owner, that’s good news, makes us add the site to our next visit location, maybe this time we will meet up
    Regards Pat and David Addis.

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  4. What a heartwarming story. Lovely too to see things from a wardens perspective too. Thank you for everything you have done for us all and good luck for next year.

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