Pyjamas and Prosecco

After a bit of a manic week, it’s time for some downtime. A day off earlier in the week took us home to MOT my trusted steed, the Ford Focus. Despite hardly being used this year and slowly getting dirtier and dirtier the old faithful passed with flying colours. We’ve had the Focus from new, almost 11 years ago. It’s one of those cars, touch wood, that’s solid and fits like a pair of comfy old slippers. So, after a 24 hour whistle stop home, we headed back to the caravan and work. Working a 46 hour week our lie ins are now almost non existent. After having to get up early for the MOT, that was our last chance of a lazy morning till the weekend, a week of gardening, bin runs, toilet cleaning and welcoming new arrivals, planting hanging baskets, hanging artwork, attempting to fix the heating and spending time with new friends, come Friday night and we’re well and truly shattered.

With threats of needing to go food shopping after our Friday shift, we fall out of work and into our compound, kicking off our steel toe caps and sinking into our chairs in the awning.

The rain continues to thunder on the canvas roof, after last week’s cheeky bit of sunshine, rain has taken up residence once again in the New Forest. With no food in for tea, we really haven’t got the energy to battle the Friday evening rush hour traffic into Christchurch for our weekly supplies. So it’s a mish mash tea, fridge gravel, anything that’s in that needs eating all thrown together. Food shopping can wait till tomorrow morning. Whilst vegetables on their last legs sizzle slowly in the wok, pasta bubbles in the pan, I climb into my pyjamas. It’s not yet 6pm but it feels so good wearing comfy clothes. One thing we’ve noticed since starting the job, we hardly wear our own clothes. We probably survive on about two outfits. We are either in our uniform or our comfies, or as one Warden told us, “You’re either in your boots or in your bed.”

Tea snaffled, pots washed, feet up, time to crack open the prosecco, another gift from a lovely friend. Life is good.

18 thoughts on “Pyjamas and Prosecco

  1. Hi Love reading your blog
    I work for tesco dot com and we deliver to camp sites why not give dot com a go save you having to kick off the boots and go shopping
    Go shopping in the comfort of your Palace on wheels . happy shopping

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  2. Glad to see you back on the blogging scene.Weve just come back from Sandringham and watched a new warden learning to drive the bin tractor I thought of you .It seems very hard work but it must have its benefits too.Roll on summer too much cold and rain here too.

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    1. It’s harder than I thought it would be but so far we’ve had the pleasure of meeting some lovely people. You’ll have to come and visit us 😊


  3. We’re in our first year of being Wardens and loving the job, it’s just a lot different to being on the road traveling, but winter sun time is coming around very quickly! – carry on enjoying it and what’s wrong with wearing you pjs before 6 ?

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  4. I have a girlfriend who accassionally has what she calls, ‘a dirty weekend’. Not the sort of weekend you’re no doubt thinking though. She doesnt wait till 6pm to get into her PJs, she stays in them all weekend and just lazes around the house.

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