Caravan Cabin Fever

Today, Shropshire has been battered and bruised by torrential downpours and caravan rocking winds.

With this prior knowledge we’d made the decision not to put the awning up, it starts it’s winter holiday relaxing on the back seat of the car, safe, warm and dry.

From early morning the sun has refused to show its face and darkness has reigned for most of the day. Black clouds have chased their way across the sky at an alarming rate of knots. As they pass over the roof of the caravan they have paused long enough to drop their contents on our filthy caravan, hopefully washing away some of the muck acquired on the winding, single track country lanes leading to our oasis of calm, just outside Shrewsbury.

We are all alone on site, not even the birds have really appeared today. They’ve battled against the gusts from tree to tree, eventually giving up and sheltering somewhere safe and dry, I hope. Trees that yesterday still held beautifully coloured autumnal leaves now stand naked battling to stand tall. Leaves now race around on wet grass and around the legs of the caravan.

Radio 2 and Jeremy Vine discuss the budget and stamp duty, their voices struggling to be heard as the rain thunders down on the caravan roof.

Flags that declare the entrance to the site flap wildly against their flag poles as the swing on the play area eerily creaks, swinging in the wind. Hard standings are coping with the downpours, paths are starting to struggle, puddles are forming on the way to the toilet block and the bins.

The wind continues to batter the caravan, we are all warm and cosy tucked up inside. We’ve had a light on all day inside, prematurely the lights on the site start to flicker on as the daytime darkness turns into night. With coffee and snacks, the radio and books we’ve weathered the storm. It’s been restful and relaxing, batteries recharged in one day.

Tomorrow, the sun is forecast, we may even open the door and venture out.

5 thoughts on “Caravan Cabin Fever

  1. You are very brave caravanning in the cold, winter months. By the way, I’ve just nominated you on my website for the Liebster award. Hope you accept, but no pressure.

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