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Unless you visit a Caravan and Motorhome Club site you can never be too sure what to expect as regards facilities on site when you turn up. Even CAMC vary a little bit but tend to be what you expect. Does anyone recognise this motto from one of their sites?

I like warm facilities, well lit, clean mirrors, maybe a hairdryer or two even though I don’t use one. There needs to be a bin, plentiful soap and toilet paper and something to dry your hands on. Maybe a little vase of flowers and music. I love Brighton’s CAMC site as you can listen to radio 2 whilst having a shower. Another sites shower block even has ‘The Wanderer’ in it, an old wooden caravan, anyone else used these loos?

Some CL’s have really good facilities others are a bit cobwebby and need a scrub. Some have quality loo roll others have the Izal style, bringing back memories of vists to my grandma’s backyard in the 70s. Others make you do the walk of shame clutching your own loo roll. Toilets when the lights are on a two minute motion sensor, plunging you into darkness causing you to wave your arms around frantically trying to get the lights back on.

We visited a site in Germany where they even had a sink for hair washing. Facilities blocks illuminated during the night that don’t have a main door become a bug metropolis at night time. European squatting toilets and loos with no seats, one even had the loo brush hooked on the wall, just left to drip, no holder. It’s hard to believe how many people still don’t seem to know what this loo brush is for. Would they really leave their toilet at home in that state?

Sites that cater specifically for children. Beautiful baby bathing and changing areas, child size toilets and showers all in child friendly rooms.

Toilet blocks are one thing I’m a bit picky about. Between us we rate them on a 1-10 scoring system, with 1 being the lowest and 10 the highest. We’ve never scored less than a 3 but I’m sure we’ll come across sites lower than a 3.

Sites with just a loo and nothing else. Some are clean and warm and well stocked with supplies. Some have a little bit of razzle dazzle. Others are draughty and needing care and attention. Loos with partitions that go from floor to ceiling. Loos with cowboy style salon doors with my little legs dangling in full view.

Rows of toilets and showers. Five toilets, all empty. I choose number five. Please don’t choose the toilet next to me, leave a gap. The same with showers. I always choose strategically, the next person in always chooses the next cubicle. The Boss says it is the same with urinals, if there are five, steer clear of two and four, it’s just too cozy.

Posh toilet seats always make me smile, like a child in a sweet shop, I have to try them all.

It does baffle me though how some people fail to be able to leave facilities as they found them. Do people really leave their loos and showers like that at home? I doubt it.
There’s nowt stranger than folk, but I do love a good toilet block.

2 thoughts on “Campsite Toilet Blocks

  1. I have to say we use our Caravan toilet for everything… well the usual toilet things anyway. The Caravan shower is used infrequently, but in some cases, when campsite showers drop below a certain standard, the Lakeland heated towel rail is removed and the exceedingly and surprisingly good shower we get always has me wondering why I don’t use the caravan shower more often.

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    1. Ours too, the caravan shower pressure is excellent. Normally, gut feeling on day one decides if we use site facilities or ours. Thanks for the comment.


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