Le Papillon, La Cresse, France

A site on the ACSI discount scheme in France. Halfway up a mountain with spectacular views from every pitch. We phoned en route to this site to check availability of pitches as our caravan was going to have to do a bit of climbing and venture through some narrow roads to get there. The nearby village, La Cresse, is quite narrow as you pass through, but is practically traffic free, we had no trouble with our 7 metre caravan and doubt that meeting another vehicle would cause too much drama.

Met by the owner and her humans, Annette and Hans, we were advised to go for a walk to find a pitch. The site is Dutch owned, as are a few other sites we have seen in France, visitors on site are predominantly Dutch too which means we are able to have some friendly conversations due to their excellent language skills.

The site is elevated with terraces all fronting onto a great front window view which changes with the weather and time of day as sunlight hits the rockface opposite. 

The pitches are separated by low hedging with a mature tree between most. 

There are two facilities blocks serving the site, one on the higher level and one on the lower level. The toilets and showers are communal and have washing up and laundry sinks indoors with access to a token operated washing machine for a charge of €4. 

There is a terrace restaurant attached to the  reception, which opens two nights a week. Serving pizza one night and an assortment of homemade meals from their main menu on the other. We ate there on both nights and the food was delicious. 

Annette is very crafty and examples of her work are on show throughout reception and the restaurant with a few pieces up for sale. Fresh bread is also available by prior ordering daily. 

A charge of €69.50 for 5 nights, this has  been our cheapest site so far in the trip. Probably one of our favourites too. Wifi is free with stronger signals the nearer to reception you are pitched. Electricity was included in the ACSI price. So no hidden meter charges to surprise you when you book out. 

Would we recommend visiting Le Papillon? Yes of course. Being run by Hans and Annette, without doubt, the friendliest owners we have met in Europe, this site has a very personal, family feel to it. Nearby Millau was easily reached by bicycle and the surrounding area is quite stunning to drive. A very enjoyable stay.

Link to Le Papillon website HERE

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