Piazza People Watching 

Day out on the bus from the caravan takes us to Firenze (Florence) 4 hrs of walking and lunch under our belts, our feet are in need of a rest. With the sun blazing down at over 30 degrees we seek the shade on some steps of a piazza. It seems we’re not the only ones over heating and in need of a seat. 

Call me nosey but I love people watching. I could watch all day. People eating lunch and grabbing time away from sightseeing or the office. Students sit and discuss the latest class whilst frantically tapping on laptop keyboards. Cyclists scurry back and forth like ants, zigzagging their way across the square. Some in a hurry, others stop for a selfie, why do they have to do that silly duck lipped pout? It baffles me.  Scooters are dismounted and wheeled across with the engines still running. 

Expensive Italian leather shoes, trainers and sandals all walk the cobbles. I can’t imagine how hot those dapper city gents are in the suits and ties. Couples old and young amble past holding hands all armed with maps and cameras. An older lady sneaks a quick peck on the cheek of who I’m hoping is her husband, more sparkle in her life. Some people take photos on phones others with cameras, small lenses, large lenses. All desperate for a good photo. Brightly dressed street traders wander around, ladened with bracelets and necklaces, others waving selfie sticks, a bargain at €3 they tell us,unless, of course, you picked one up off fleabay at half the price. 

Cranky children, the mid afternoon sun has taken its toil. Dogs drag their feet reluctantly as they are led across the square. A street cleaner slowly circuits the piazza, cleaning constantly, cigarette ends, horse and dog doo.

The world passes before our eyes. All about their business. All with a story to tell. I wonder where they’ll all be this time tomorrow…

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  1. Again..thanks for the memories. As Simon above says…one of the prettiest cities in Italy. Did you read ‘A room with a view’ before visiting.

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