Why Caravan Holidays are so Good

Caravans are becoming a more popular choice of holiday due to it getting harder and harder to find cheap holidays be it abroad or here at home. Whether you have the funds to choose a top of the range caravan or go for something that needs lots of TLC, there is a holiday out there waiting for you, no matter who you are or your budget. 

There aren’t really many limits on how far you can go. You just need a means of towing and the road ahead of you. Some choose to stay local, others like to travel further afield. Some even find their perfect site, put the legs down and stay forever. 

There are sites for everyone, small ones with just a field, perfect for off grid and getting back to nature, Ditch the phone, the tablet and the laptop. Pick up a book, go for a walk, sit back and watch the birds. Large sites with serviced pitches, parks, club houses, restaurants, pubs and bike hire and so the list goes on. Sites for families, adult only sites. Sites in the city close to the hustle and bustle. Sites in the forest with only the wildlife for company. Sites with stunning sea views and sites high in the mountains. There is something out there for you with prices varying from a few pounds a night to the more expensive. It’s not always true that you pay for what you get. You pay for what you can afford and make the holiday your own all for a fraction of the price of the swanky hotel in a foreign destination. Getting out there, seeing things you’ve never seen before, the UK is a big old country and never fails to surprise and provide things to see and go for free. 

Freedom for the children to run free and explore nature, endless dog walks, relaxing evenings watching the sunset and early mornings catching the sunrise. Cold and frosty mornings contrasts with those of balmy summer mornings when the sun tries to creep it’s slender fingers around your blinds. Sleeping with the windows flung wide open contrasting with icy nights outside and the heating keeping you snug during the night. 

Having the ability to take your pets away with you. Unlike travelling high in the sky, on the open road your pets can come too. Dogs, cats, birds, rabbits, we’ve even seen a ferret on a lead enjoying a caravan holiday. 

Being able to take your home comforts with you as you travel, not having to think about whether or not it’ll fit in your case. These home comforts have the ability to help you settle into a holiday quicker.

Cheeky fry ups that you don’t have at home and a glass of something in the evening. A different view from the same window every time you park up. Finding places to explore, quaint tearooms and local restaurants. Long walks, short walks or just sit and relax. It’s all out there waiting to be found. 

Mixing with like minded people of all ages. People with a wealth of caravanning years behind them who are more than happy to advise and chat away a few minutes, to the family on the next pitch who have children the same age as yours. Chatting on the dog walk or just simply sitting quietly and watching the world go by. The holiday is what you make it. 

Your home from home wherever you choose to park it. 

6 thoughts on “Why Caravan Holidays are so Good

  1. The only three comments I would have on this are:

    There is nothing quite as miserable as being in a small enclosed space with awful weather.

    While all the above are goodness, there is nothing like a hotel abroad to fully take in foreign culture.

    Recently I was looking for a few days at Easter and the prices were astronomical, sites charging more than basic hotels. I know you like others are able to leave and make bookings on the way but I find sites way too expensive during school breaks.

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    1. We have noted that people are increasingly finding school break prices too high, even for caravanning. When our kids were school ages we literally could only afford tent holidays. For us, ‘post-young kids’, the weather is never really an issue, but yes, in the old days, back to back miserable weather with kids to entertain was indeed a challenge.

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      1. I priced up a euro centre parks with ferry and was working out the and price to fly to Luxembourg and stay in good hotel. You say kids and you can see the pound signs in their eyes

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  2. May I counter the three comments from M?
    1. Awful weather is restricting wherever you are. However, I’ve spent some magical times watching the awful weather roll in across the landscape, in the countryside, by the sea. Great views from my cozy space.
    2. Taking in local culture, whether in the UK or abroad is what I love doing with my old motorhome. I visit the local stores and markets when buying provisions, I navigate my way around the launderette, the van spares and motor factors, the cafes and bars. I speak in the local tongue where and when I can and I learn new words all the time. A couple of weeks ago this secured me some coriander and a lemon to accompany my fish – all for free along from a friendly fishmonger.
    3. Nothing is free, but we are lucky in the UK that we have thousands of CLs which generally cost no more than £10 a night. In France almost every town provides an Aire, most are free.

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    1. We start our seven week European tour this week, very true, the daily detail of shopping, garages, launderettes, cafes and bars puts you right amongst the locals and makes the experience. Hopefully our poor attempts at each language will gain rewards for us too, or at least a smile that we tried.


  3. As we are now ‘child’ free we caravan out of school holidays, though different counties have different terms so sometimes you can’t avoid them. Some sites are weekend child magnets even out of season, anything within 50 miles of London especially, Swiss Farm, Henley on Thames was great during the week, absolute bloody awful at the weekends due to out of control London rich kids brats.

    So mostly we use adults only sites now, peace, no damaged car/caravan/awning to worry about, bliss.

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