Fresher for Longer by EcoEgg

Buying and storing fruit and veg can be a bit of a pain for the busy families of today. We are too busy to shop daily and find that buying fresh fruit and vegetables on your weekly big shop can be a disappointment a few days later when items start to go off. Although freshly bought we generally have no idea how long the store had had them prior to our purchase.

Then someone suggested I try these. Fresher for Longer discs by EcoEgg. As fruit and vegetables ripen they give off a gas, Ethylene. This gas speeds up the decaying process causing it to go off even quicker. EcoEgg’s Fresher for Longer discs absorb the Ethylene gas, therefore slowing down the rate of decay.

By placing these discs in your fruit bowl, salad drawer or anywhere else that you store your perishables the theory is they will last longer. The discs work for 3 months and have a space provided for you to write the date of when they need replacing.

Armed with my discs I set to work. The kit came with a handy little holder, perfect for hanging in the fridge drawer. I also placed one in the bottom of my fruit bowl, with the label facing up and then filled with fruit as usual.

All there is left to do now is to wait and see what happens.

A week later and the fruit and veg has faired better than normal. The banana (pictured) was still firm and tasted well despite the outer colour suggesting it may be soft after seven days. The discs didn’t seem to help with the lifespan of cucumber but they certainly seemed to lengthen the life of the other items we had in the fridge and fruit bowl.

For further product information, reviews or to purchase follow this link: Fresher for Longer by EcoEgg

Media Pack PDF available on request via Contact Us

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