Caravan Marmite


Everything started with a rapid social media version of keeping up with the Jones’.  A number of our Twitter friends were remarking how Twitter had created a QR code for everybody.  “Oh yes, so they have”, two second pause “let’s get one for the blog website”.  Two minutes later we are proud owners of our own QR code (little things amuse…) at no cost via ““.  Two minutes later everyone else shares their codes with their logos embedded in the centre, “oh bother, let’s pretend we are not bothered … oh bother”.  Two seconds later, “We NEED a Logo”. So we started to draft how we wanted it to look.


We casually mentioned to one friend, Dan, that we wanted to create a line drawing logo that suited our web address “”.  Within five minutes Dan sent back a logo that, with only one minor tweak, has become “the one” – first effort – Bosh.

marmite3Now Dan made a mistake being so quick, as we now only owe him a bottle of Gin, had he taken at least six minutes we may have felt forever in his debt for his toils and anguish.

Thanks Dan, we love it.

Next, Twitter plea “who can make a caravan graphic”, we want this on the van. Within minutes we receive contact from “Acorn-Creative“, we mock up another template based on Dan’s logo and how we perceive the end product.


Two days later Acorn-Creative send artwork for approval – we make some alterations – marmite5revised artwork is received a few days later, we approve the design and place an order to print.

Bear in mind, we are still less than one week since the Twitter conversation that started this process.


Two days later, they arrive!!  Now this is the point The Boss becomes like a ‘bull in a china shop’, he wants them on the caravan, does he know how to do it?  .. No.  So, he watches three videos on YouTube, shouts a list of things he needs us to take and grabs the keys for the caravan and a wooly hat.

Very Important.  This is not a “How To Do It” guide.  We will have done things wrong, we are just showing that it is possible to do it yourself.  The Boss starts every sentence with “Where did I put the….” on DIY tasks and follows a very scatter-gun technique.


First, find a stool handed down from your Grandfather to your Father, splattered with seventy years of paint and splays at random distances as you get on.

Second, find a tight space on a muddy slope to work in.

Third, perhaps DON’T follow what we did. (Bull in a.. …remember)

The thumbnails below show a general sequence of the process (and I finally found a use for a Waitrose loyalty card).




We love it … Marmite? … let’s face it, it is ‘in your face’ and will not be to everyone’s liking.  However you could be much more subtle than us, maybe ‘the name’ you have given to your caravan or motorhome, a picture of some sort, a logo, have a look at the caravans/motorhomes on the road, there are a lot of these about now.



Is everyone leaving the room yet?  Now for the ‘Out-take’

marmite12Look how smug The Boss looks after applying the first logo vinyl to the caravan wall.

Until he realised the bottom of the ‘t’ had curled under and he had lost the ‘tittle’ on the letter ‘i’ .. in other words, the dot.

Quick call to Acorn-Creative and they are making an ‘it’ to save the day .. pheww!!








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    1. Thank you, it’s a bit of an indulgence really, but wanted to personalise the van a bit and draw attention to the blog at same time … Are you heading for the sun or UK trip? Either way, have a good trip.


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