Muc-Off Dry Shower 

We bought this to use whilst out and about with our tandem and caravan. How does it compare to actually showering?

The bottle is a cleverly designed bottle, with a label designed to catch the eye with the pink and black. The pump action dispenser is easily worked giving you a fresh, slightly fragranced foam that’s rubbed easily into the skin. The fragrance smells of coconut and is  suitable for both men and women. Being PH balanced and alcohol free it’s ideal for all skin types, even those with sensitive skin. Application of the foam to the skin instantly starts to refresh, leaving a slight stickiness behind, we found that this could  be towel dried away. It left the skin feeling fresher and clean and takes away any evidence of odour. In the absence of a shower this did what it says on the bottle. Perfect for ridding yourself of body odours after exercising, camping, festivals etc. Not ideal for removing dirt, mud splattered calves from cycling needed a little more work. It also comes in a small handy 50ml bottle, perfect for popping in your rucksack.

Great for a cycling commuter or runner to keep in their desk drawer at work. This would be a handy item to have for camping, festivals etc. Perfect in fact for anyone on the go with an active lifestyle.

Skin is left feeling fresh and free from odours.

Perfect for freshening up after a bike ride or a run and in fact most sports if showers aren’t available.

For further product information, reviews or to purchase click on the following Link: Muc-Off Dry Shower – 200 ml


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2 thoughts on “Muc-Off Dry Shower 

    1. My hubby has just been telling me you were up for awards last year. Congratulations.
      Really is good if you need to freshen up in a jiffy.
      Our tandem went all round Britain 3 years ago. Sadly pre blog days. Would’ve made a wonderful blog.

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