Camden Market, Primrose Hill and a little bit of McFly

McFly Anthology tour and our grown up jelly beans decide that they are buying tickets for all 3 nights. We accompany them on the first night and get to watch their first album played live. After a great, but very hot, concert in the O2 forum in Kentish Town listening to hits like Five Colours in her Hair we head out into the cool September air ready for the drive home. The plan is that in the next two nights the grown up jellybeans will catch the train into London after work. In a moment of madness the Boss offers to drive them to and from London, for a price, for the next two nights. And, so it seems the next couple of evenings are planned.

The second night of the concert sees us driving into London a little later than yesterday. The queue isn’t as long today. Yesterday’s queue crawled around the block and down a street. Today, security seem to have it down to a fine art and the fans are admitted swiftly to the building.

We head off to the local Nando’s. Before we know it time is rolling on and the youth of today are spilling out of the O2 Forum and heading home.

Setting off a little earlier on the third night. We have a plan of sorts today. Jellybeans dutifully dispatched on the Kentish Town high street in search of food. We park the car and set off on foot in search of a sunset.

Leaving the hustle and bustle of the high street behind we follow the path of the Regents Canal. It snakes its way along revealing art work and groups of people enjoying the last of the summer warmth.

On leaving the canal banks the area of Camden springs alive in front of our eyes. Camden Market an eclectic mix of sights, sounds and smells. Incense mingles with the aroma of food. Music is piped from behind stalls and bars stimulating your senses. People of all ages wander around the Bizarre. Market really isn’t a word that does this area justice. It’s atmosphere encourages you to stay and browse. Aware that we may miss our sunset we reluctantly leave the market behind.

We soon fall into a more affluent area. Houses are illuminated outside with lights better than we have in our home. Chandeliers start to twinkle within the windows as London starts to head home.

A gated entrance to Regents Park guides us up towards the summit of Primrose Hill. The late summer warmth has started to fade and an autumnal chill is in the air. With strict instructions to climb the hill and not look back we aimed for the top. People had started to settle at the top. Picnic blankets in place, sandwiches and strawberries were consumed. Guitars were strummed and a flame thrower appeared. Despite the cloudy skies obliterating any hope of a sunset a London panorama became illuminated. A truly breathtaking view. Well worth taking a moment to just sit and contemplate.

Hunger pangs started and reluctantly we headed back towards Camden Market. Street food was calling. The smells had tantalised us earlier and we headed towards a Mexican food bar. Burritos ordered, we waited and watched whilst the creation that was to be dinner was created. Still warm enough to eat outside we chose a table outside The Modfather, seller of anything Mod related items.

Back to the car. Time for a cup of tea whilst waiting for two sweaty jellybeans to come out of their concert.

Going to miss our nightly trips to London. Would definitely like to return when we have more time to explore Camden Market. A different side to the touristy London that we are more accustomed to.

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