A walk to Summerseat

A trip to the north west in our caravan. A time to visit family and friends after we moved south ten years ago.

Let’s spend time with people we haven’t seen for ages was the plan. A ten day break seemed perfect. Burrs Country Park, Bury booked. Off we went.

One week later, completely exhausted after constantly visiting or being visited. We took a day out.

Cycling, napping, pub lunch then a walk in the beautiful Lancashire sunshine. Destination Summerseat. Heading over the caravan site we followed the line of the canal running adjacent to the East Lancs Railway line. A well trodden path took us towards tree cover which brought welcome shade from the late afternoon sunshine. A weir thundering in the silence of the Lancashire country side, tiny path meandering past the weir opened up onto a wooded walk way provided the perfect photo opportunity.

On we went, nettles lining the path but not a dock leaf in sight. In and out of the sunshine, past dog walkers until we finally fell upon Summerseat Station.

The East Lancs Railway stands resting two days a week and today was a rest day. Only a rest day for the beautiful steam engines that transport people on  elderly carriages. The line was very much alive with a film crew filming just out of sight but not out of earshot.

Dropping down into the village cobbles and York stone flags hinted at a village from years gone by.

Boxing Day 2015 was a very different story to the calm and tranquillity of today. Heavy rain brought floods to the area. The swell of the River Irwell broke its banks and caused devastation to the local area. Taking no prisoners the Irwell consumed The Waterside, a beautiful 19th century inn

In the void created, the Irwell quietly creeps past Summerseat almost apologetically but unashamedly.

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