Christmas in a Caravan 

Jack Frost has been and covered the caravan site in a crispy white carpet. The site begins to stir, slowly and leisurely. Santa sacks and stockings burst with Father Christmas’ offerings. Bing Crosby and David Bowie serenade us over breakfast with the Little Drummer Boy, good old Radio 2 playing the old favourites. Twinkly lights on the miniature tree in the front window, smell of coffee and the excitement of a Christmas with a difference. 

Calls of ‘Merry Christmas’ ring around the campsite as people trot across to the shower block. Crackers are pulled and glasses clink as Christmas is toasted, presents are ripped open and the dog is taken for a crisp walk with the obligatory tinsel wrapped carefully around his collar.

All around, the world is transforming into a sea of Turkey, tinsel and mince pies with pretty lights back dropping every shop window. The Christmas adverts have started on the TV with Aldi’s Kevin and Katie Carrot being my firm favourite so far this festive season.

The doorbell rings… doorbell? I was in the caravan a moment ago! It’s a neighbour, popped by to share a glass of festive cheer. I’m at home this Christmas. Maybe just maybe one day I’ll spend it in the caravan… In the absence of waking up in my caravan this Christmas morning I’ll raise a glass to all you lucky people out there celebrating this wonderful time of year in your favourite places.

I would like to thank the kind folk of Facebook and Twitter for allowing me to use their photographs

Amanda Reagan, Trevor Webdale, Debbie Cripps, Jenny Bradford,

8 thoughts on “Christmas in a Caravan 

    1. Hi Eric and Shazza, if you dig deep and find our ‘Our Vinyl Release’ blog, it is partly in response to meeting you and reading your blogs, We even nicked a quote and gave you a mention. So, it’s all your fault!!!


      1. Found it !! Last December you published it 👍 So how much tat, sorry, treasured possessions, have you now disposed of ? It isn’t easy, but can I remember what I disposed of, other than all my vinyl and CD collections, not really 👍

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      2. We are still playing the long game at the moment, so no deadline date to be ‘tat’ free by. Lots planned in 2018 that we can’t reveal yet and may bring a deadline date nearer.


      3. Well, if it’s any consolation, I had been planning our escape for 6 years before we actually did it !! There is no rush, you will never really be ready to take the plunge, too many ‘What if’s’ will occupy your thoughts, then one day you will just know the time is right 😉

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