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Someone recently commented on one of our blogs suggesting we wrote for money and further suggesting the type of content we should actually be writing about. Clearly this person misunderstood the difference between a personal experience blog and the role of an investigative journalist. While we have a policy of never responding to useless negative comments this person can take delight that it did set us thinking about the Why, What, Who, When and Where of our blog.


The first blog came about in November 2015, exactly one year after we started caravanning. Deb had spent that year following fellow caravanners exploits via Facebook groups and Twitter. Occasionally a blog would appear and after reading a few she felt this was something she would also like to do. 11th November 2015 saw blog No.1.

We realised at an early stage that writing the blogs was a great way to record our trips, almost like written photo albums, whereby we could look back in the future and our family could follow, or not, our adventures without us boring them with a photograph slideshow each time we came home.

While we do not write with others in mind we do like to write a blog that taps into the mood and essence of the caravanning, motorhoming and travel experience. When we receive comments from people who have followed our path into this leisure experience, or in some cases, literally followed our path to places and sites we visited across Europe, it is very rewarding and very much appreciated.

Money? .. slight pause .. while we stop laughing. Some bloggers write with the sole purpose of earning money, unless they have a product or service to sell they will generally achieve this via advertising space or affiliated marketing. After 143 blogs to date we have never received one penny in payment. We actually pay to have premium level blogging software to stop advertising as we feel it spoils the website and we don’t like it on other sites.

So, what do we get? We occasionally have products sent for review by manufacturers, generally the contact is after following a manufacturer on Twitter and they return the follow and see we have a caravan blog. We turn down many requests to review if we feel a product would not be of any benefit to us. We also blog about items we have purchased ourselves if we feel others may be interested. We never do a negative review, if we don’t like something we don’t write. Therefore, if you see a review, we feel the product would have a value and benefit to others.

We do use affiliate marketing via Amazon, as do many bloggers. If you see a product linked within an article it may take you direct to the Amazon website, if you then purchase after following this link we would receive a small fee. So far, after one year, we have not even reached the £25 trigger point for a payment, we could try harder but really can’t be bothered, it would be quicker and easier to do two hours overtime at work.


What do we write about? We have developed our style and content into a handful of catagories:

  • Caravan Life; articles that focus on the general appeal of Caravanning and Motorhoming. These articles receive many views as they connect with many of the same feelings as others and sometimes highlight the many varied and wonderful differences.
  • Our Trips; a snapshot of a specific trip. We write these in a manner that shows the banter of a couple on holiday, we hope people will recognise themselves or others in similar situations. We hope they are written in an entertaining style like you would share funny moments with friends down the pub. We look to highlight places and things to do in each area, but mostly we selfishly want to look back in the future and remember each trip very clearly.
  • Site Reviews; we always pay for our caravan sites so that our reviews remain independent. We write them because we always make use of other reviews when choosing potential sites to visit. There is no such thing as a bad review, you just learn the preferences of the reviewer. If we don’t like a site because it has entertainment and loads of kids it may be the perfect site for you.

  • Product Reviews; This is covered in the ‘Why’ section. We are not overly keen on doing product reviews but will do them if we think the product is useful to us or other people. In return we can estimate to the manufacturer how many people may see the review. Once published and shared on social media our bit is done, further promotion of the article is in the hands of the manufacturer.
  • The Dream; For anyone interested we provide updates on our overall dream to work less, travel more, meet more. Once again, this is partly in response to others who are treading this path ahead of us and provide inspiration. Hopefully our story will inspire another person to target an improved life/work balance and earlier retirement.

WHO is two people. Deb, who started the blog in 2015 and husband Steve (The Boss, nicknamed by Deb, the real Boss), who took a passive, spellchecker interest in the early days, before adding the occasional paragraph, before adding the occasional blog. Currently, Deb writes about 70% and Steve 30% of the articles. You will not always be able to guess the author as Steve never writes in the first person.

We met at our first job when we both finished secondary school, McDonalds, Bolton, Lancashire and now have two happy meals of our own, Emily & Alice (our grown up kids, sometimes referred to as the ‘Jellybeans’). Deb spent most of her working career in the Education system before time as a Personal Assistant and has now scaled back to two, long, weekend days caring for severely physical and mentally disabled adults. Steve became a HGV driver before working up to Transport and Warehouse Manager for a ‘big’ company. It made his brain ache so he has also scaled back to three/four day weekends as a HGV driver again.


Sometimes we hear comments that a holiday is no time to be writing blogs or others will write their blogs after returning home. If we did that the process would become a chore and more likely result in blogs that do not capture our mood. You should see us in action, writing blogs … that is, Deb will be seen with a glass of wine or cup of tea in her left hand while she writes all her blogs on her mobile phone only, or she will happily type away on her phone during car journeys, especially on the caravan tow home utilising the 4G still transmitting between caravan and car. Steve on the other hand, will be drinking a bottled beer and using an iPad or his phone.


We have a TV in the caravan but only watch specific programmes before hitting the ‘off’ button. Our preference is Radio 2, Smooth Radio North West or music albums stored on our Google Play account while the chat, drinks and blogs flow. To be honest, each article takes a couple of hours to write with another fifteen minutes adding pictures, so only a few, enjoyable, hours per week.


We write our blogs on the WordPress software, it was the very first platform we used and we have found it relatively simple to use and very stable. seems to be better if you are technically minded with increased functionality but we are a bit thick and use the ‘straight off the shelf, ready to go’ software.

Why Blog 1

It took us a few months to realise you could build up a good looking website on so paid up for the domain name to remove the ‘WordPress’ from our web address and increased the platform level to remove all advertising and increase storage space. So, in a nutshell, we pay for the pleasure of blogging … and happily so.


Blogs & Vlogs

Over the last couple of years we have had the pleasure of meeting a number of bloggers (written) and vloggers (video/YouTube) and there are others we still hope to meet. They are a very supportive and non competitive (OK, a bit competitive) bunch who are very willing to share advice and ideas. We even purchased our first caravan after checking out a vlog by Andrew Ditton, that he has since told us was one of his earliest videos. For most people Vlogs will be their preferred viewing pleasure but we have always been drawn to people’s blogs, a bit like preferring the film or the book eh? If we watch a vlog we are watching the people on the screen doing ‘their thing’, when we read a blog we replace the writer and become them experiencing their adventure, their catastrophes. A perfect example would be the Paul Davis – home-is-where-you-drag-it blog, we can’t read his blogs without laughing till our faces hurt, be warned, some phrases can be choice, but funny, funny, funny.


If you have a thought to blog or vlog our advice is do it. Forget any money ideas when you start, if it follows great, but it likely will not make you a living or a single penny. Concentrate on good content, humorous, emotive or informative, we hate “woke up, had jam on my toast, had lunch, had dinner, went to bed”, who cares? A clever social media strategy may fool lots of people once, only good content will make people want to read your blogs or watch your vlogs a second time. You will find yourself slightly addicted to viewing statistics, any views are great in the early days, join Facebook groups and post your links there, then the views start building and building. However, if we had no views we would still be doing it just for ourselves.

A long article just to respond to the sweeping comment “they only write where the money is” – and to think, they could just have asked us.

20 thoughts on “The ‘Why we write a Caravan Blog’ Blog

  1. That’s a very good explanation of what you do and why. The other simple fact is that ten years ago nothing like this was either possible or easy – now it is, so let’s do it. Please carry on. I enjoy reading them. Did I spot Bernkastel in one of your photos or am I hallucinating again? Are your travel plans around next month’s NEC show firming up? I shall be around the CAMC stand on the Tuesday and there up until and including Friday so will keep an eye out for you.

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  2. Well done Steve. That’s very open and honest. I enjoy your blogs and wish I could get away as often as you do. Keep it up! See you at the NEC??

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    1. Hi John,
      What makes you think Steve wrote that one!?! Even if you did guess we’d not tell.
      Yes we’ll be at the NEC on the Tuesday


  3. I think that this blogging has seen some folk think they are experts even so called caravanners who think they know all there is to know – this makes me smile having watched the industry over the years 40 plus and write books on its history. I began in the day when you had to really know your stuff to even get noticed so although various folk do video blogs it doesn’t mean there experts in any way but folk do get mislead by these types. I will at some stage do vids using my expertise in tourers doing reviews on used as well as new, time is always a problem having always lots of projects on. But good to see folk enjoy and share their experience. I get lots of folk who tell me what they have purchased tourer wise ect and many have been given duff info off the internet even by some so called caravan experts – wrong values and info on their caravan/motorhome or holiday home. So never believe everything you read on the Net-its not all gospel and basically anybody can set up and talk about any subject knowing little but appearing an expert to the unknowing.

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    1. Hi Andrew,
      Great comment. Yes, we do see this, and even with our limited caravanning experience we see incorrect, poor or vague advice passed off as ‘Expert Advice’ just because a vlogger or blogger says so. We rarely take these articles as definitive guides, at best they are better than no idea at all, at worst, dangerous. When we are stuck with something we take to google and look for multiple sources of accurate info. We just try to blog from the perspective of ‘our journey/our experience’ as we live it, rather than industry knowledge, which we no little of. Any ‘advice’ in our blogs is generally to encourage people to get caravanning, do it all year round and think about going into Europe too, because we are loving it.
      Thanks again for comment.
      Steve & Deb


      1. One other thing is, bad TV coverage makes a mockery having got feedback from none caravanners who have told me if that’s what its about they wont bother- I did a similar tv documentary Motorway life in 97/8 I cringe when I see it – a real P take so not into these Channel 5 stuff at all ! Right that’s me over !!

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      2. We watch those programmes from the ‘comic’ view point, which is the way they are intended, but outsiders will assume that is what attracts everyone involved in caravanning. They want quirky characters to attract an audience, quirky is OK but sometimes it’s just offensive. C5 did contact us, seemed the tandem would make us sufficiently interesting (or sad). One call was enough for us to say “No Thanks”. We may have to search ‘Motorway Life’ now.


      3. I used to love cycling have a Mercian – from 1979 bit of a classic its in very nice condition – yes they phoned me and as soon as I found out didn’t want to know though I supplied some history stuff-the Caravanner of the year – well I wont go there! Motorway life -er disaster !!! somebody found it and posted to me – so innocent we were got P taken out of me for ages after!

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  4. Excellent blog, very well written, very informative and intersecting, thanks 😊. My wife and I are heading off to Devon next March to be wardens on a very nice caravan site and I’m thinking about writing a blog about our experiences so this has given me food for thought.

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  5. Excellent blog, very well written, very informative and interesting, thanks 😊. My wife and I are heading off to Devon next March to be wardens on a very nice caravan site and I’m thinking about writing a blog about our experiences so this has given me food for thought.

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    1. Enjoy the time in Devon, good place to be. If the words flow and you get satisfaction writing some blogs it is worth the effort. If it’s about the job experience then I guess you need to remain professional and not identify your customers or impact on owners in any negative way. Good luck and thanks for comment.


  6. You have just reinstated my interest for blogging and live to read your work while I’m out in the van with my wife and dog 🐶. Was going to vlogs and indeed created an account but it is just sitting there at the moment. That requires a lot of planning and work where blogging I can snap away with my phone and Di a write up later with a gin in my hand. I saw a few of your blogs on FB where I read them with enthusiasm, and like yourselves, wanted to record our memories and share them. Anyhow I am finding myself waffling so thank you and keep up the good work. Hope to write my first blog soon. Wish me luck 🍀

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    1. Yes, good luck with the blog, for memories alone it will be worth it. We couldn’t vlog, too self conscious and it looks such hard work. Share your blogs on Facebook groups and don’t worry if not too many read the early ones, especially while you find your style.

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