Goodbye to the old, hello to the new!


New to caravanning in 2014.  After years of camping when the kids were little we decided that now they were grown up we deserved a little luxury.  We went looking at caravans and fell for the Bailey Orion 400-2. A week later we were the proud owners of a beautiful little 2 berth. Our escape from the ‘Rat Race.’
We got our money’s worth out of our little van.  Knocking up over 60 nights away in a year and travelling as far as the French Alps.  We changed our working pattern to maximise our van time and tried to get away once or twice a month.

We started to plan for the future, early retirement, winter abroad, 12 month gap year… Who knows.

We decided we had outgrown our little van and that making our bed up every night in such a confined space wasn’t ideal.

After lots of research, (tramping in and out of caravans) we decided that fixed beds weren’t for us.  After the huge bed we had had in our Orion fixed beds were way too small.  We fell upon the double ended Bailey Pursuit 560-5. Living area at one end and large dinette and bunk bed at the other end.

A small amount of haggling and a week later we drove our much longer van back to our storage site. image
After a very wet drive back we discovered a flat tyre.  Unable to deal with this in driving rain we locked it up and planned to return the following day to fix the tyre.

Once the tyre was fixed then came the mammoth task of putting all our bits and pieces into it.  We turned the end dinette into a huge fixed bed and unscrewed the bunk bed. Bed made up, cup of tea made we finally sat down to appreciate our new buy.

Its so much longer than our Orion that our storage site are having to relocate us to a bigger plot. Planning now to try to get a couple of nights away in the next week or so.image

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